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23 April 2007 @ 09:09 pm
Another ficlet  
Title: Toy
Fandom: JtHM/Discworld
Character/Pairing: Nny/Teatime
Prompt List: Bewitching Brews
Prompt: Intrigue
Rating: PG for implied violence
Word Count: 167
Author's Notes: Follows Spattered.
Summary: Nny shows off his new creation to Teatime.

Intrigue: A sultry, exotic scent that inspires devious plotting and clandestine affairs. It is a scent painted in artifice, veiled in deceit, and slithering with whispered secrets. Black palm, with cocoa, fig and shadowy wooded notes.

"It's mostly like a rack... stretching and all. See?" Nny was grinning broadly, displaying what could only be described as an Infernal Device. "And the sawblades turn in the opposite direction to the rope."

Teatime looked up from his hot fudge sundae with a matching grin. "That won't kill someone outright, though, will it? You said we'd have time to play."

"Oh, we will. Plenty of time." Nny stroked the new, raw wood and the circular sawblades protruding through narrow openings in it. "It should be grotesquely painful, of course."

"I was rather under the impression that was the point." Amused, Teatime took another bite of ice cream, then filled the spoon again and held it out. "Aren't you going to sit down?"

"Yes, I..." A brief, conflicted glance, then Nny patted his newly-constructed machine like a dog before curling up next to Teatime and gulping down the offered mouthful. "I just wanted to show you what I can do."

"I know what you can do."