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29 April 2007 @ 01:48 pm
6impearfics fic  
Title: Pop
Fandom: JtHM/Discworld
Character/Pairing: Nny/Teatime
Prompt List: Bewitching Brews
Prompt: Lurid
Rating: PG-13 for implied violence
Word Count: 406
Author's Notes: Written with fidrich. 4 of 6. Follows "Lights".
Summary: Teatime and Nny break in the new 'device'.

Lurid: Shocking, horrific, fierce, savage, sensationalized, luminous and hazy: black currant, Bulgarian lavender and white musk with a dollop of thick resin and a voltaic charge of ozone notes.
Nny was grinning as he tightened the straps, just as their victim began to stir. "Any requests?" he called over his shoulder to Teatime.

Teatime's eye roved over the device, eager, cataloguing the exact damage that each of the wonderfully -painful- features would do. "Requests, Nny?" He moved closer.

"What you want to do first. To this asshole."

With an expression far too similar to that of a kid in a toy shop, Teatime skipped from foot to foot, indecisive. So many options... "I suppose we ought to just stretch him a little, first. To wake him up." He canted his head thoughtfully. "I wonder how far we could stretch his head from his body without strangling him."

"We could make it pop off," Nny giggled, running over to Teatime to rest a chin on his shoulder. "It might not last very long, but it would be fun. Pop!"

Teatime giggled with him, resting his hands on Nny's waist. "Pop! And we can always get another one..."

"I'll do that, then. Put another strap around his neck." Hugging Teatime closer, he nipped his earlobe. "I'll let you twist the handle."

A delighted grin. "You'll have to stop hugging me, though. If I'm to tie up his neck."

With a faint frown of resentment, Nny pulled away. "Do it tight. Nice and tight."

Teatime laughed and kissed Nny's cheek before bouncing off to get another strap. Fixing it to their guest was simple enough; the device was surprisingly user-friendly, even for someone with limited experience with using anything like it... He stepped back, satisfied. Cord about someone's neck - that, at least, he was -very- familiar with. The rag Nny'd stuffed in the guy's mouth as a makeshift gag had slipped just enough to let out muffled pleas... well, they might have been pleas, or threats, or prayers. It didn't matter much now.

"Do you want me to pull one of the other handles? Turn the sawblades?"

"Oh, yes." He turned his mismatched eyes to the man in the restraints. "You're being a little silly to say those things -now-, sir, I'm afraid. You might as well cheer up. Or at least be quiet. There's not much you can do, after all."

"But we can do things." Nny smiled at Teatime as he grabbed one of the levers, sending a heavy, spring-loaded bar into motion, snapping their captive's legs. "We can do a lot of things."