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29 April 2007 @ 04:33 pm
6impearfics fic, 5 of 6  
Title: Only
Fandom: JtHM/Discworld
Character/Pairing: Nny/Teatime
Prompt List: Bewitching Brews
Prompt: Blood Kiss
Rating: Mature for sex and implied violence
Word Count: 975
Author's Notes: Written with fidrich. 5 of 6. Follows "Pop".
Summary: Teatime and Nny round off an evening of slaughter with vigorous sex.

Blood Kiss: Lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk.

"I -like- our new toy, Nny," Teatime said, grinning widely - even wider than usual. "It's -such- fun."

"You're fun," Nny whispered. "Seeing you use it. Seeing you learn it."

"I like learning things with you. I've learned -such- a lot, since I came here..."

"You learn fast." He wiped a smear of blood off Teatime's cheek and kissed him.

"Mm..." A soft, brief kiss; Teatime pulled back for a moment, smiling, before leaning in to continue it, pressing himself lightly against Nny.

"And I always love seeing it. Watching you. The way you drink it in, knowing new things..."

"Don't -you- like knowing new things, too?"

"Is there something you want to teach me?" A lazy chuckle as Nny wrapped his arms around Teatime, dragging him closer.

"I think that -you're- more suited for that, at the moment. Unless you'd like me to tell you about the potential weak spots in the Ephebian pantheon, or some such..." He slid his hands under Nny's shirt, stroking the small of his back. "Although I think that sort of lesson might be better some other time."

"That's mythology, right?" He wriggled into the touch. "I don't want that. Things that are... that probably aren't real. I want to feel your hands on me. Something I can tell myself is real. Be real for me."

"I'm real. I'm here." A soft kiss to Nny's throat. "I'm touching you."

Nny tipped his head back and grasped Teatime's hips. "He called us freaks."

"Ahh..." Teatime's eyes half-shut, and it took him a moment to understand who Nny meant. He began walking Nny backwards, towards the wall. "He doesn't matter."

"No. Just you. Just us." He doesn't notice the motion until his back hits the wall, and he gasps softly. "No one else is really..."

"No one else is us." His hands roved under Nny's shirt. Quickly becoming impatient, the Assassin tugged the blood-splattered garment off hard enough to tear a button or two.

Nny gasped again at that, pleased by Teatime's urgency, and shrugged the tattered thing aside. "Us. Just us. I want to forget right now, forget there's anything else."

"Forget, then," he murmured. "I'm right here, after all..."

"And you're mine." Nny rocked against him with a low growl. "The world can't change that."

"Nothing can." A soft noise in response to Nny's rocking, and Teatime tightened his grip on Nny's hips.

"Let them try. Just let them try." He clung to Teatime, half-fierce, half-desperate.

"They can't - they don't matter," Teatime said, and caught Nny's mouth with his own, kissing him deeply, hungrily. The kiss was reassuring, and Nny returned it eagerly, grinding against Teatime with muffled whimpers. "Want you to touch me," Teatime gasped between kisses; he began to slip his fingers under Nny's waistband.

"Like this?" His actions mirrored Teatime's own, unbuttoning Teatime's fly and reaching to grasp him.

"Ahh... yes, Nny, like that..."

"Moan for me," Nny said, nearly a command. "When you sound like that, it... I..."

And Teatime did, face pressed against Nny's neck as he slipped his own hand inside Nny's boxers, beginning to stroke. "Nny..."

"God, yes..." Nny jerked up into Teatime's hand with a soft groan. "Mine, always mine, those sounds, make those sounds just for me..."

The sounds that Teatime made were muffled against Nny's skin as he kissed and licked the skin. His free hand began tugging Nny's trousers fully down. "Going to..."

"Oh God, you, yes, do that..."

An indecisive moment as Teatime pulled away and considered Nny for a moment. He licked his lips. "Turn around, Nny," he said softly, voice heavy with want.

That wasn't what Nny was expecting, but it wasn't unwelcome. "Yes, God, make... want to feel you, feel it be real..."

Within a moment he was ready, leaning to kiss at the back of Nny's neck, and slowly - agonisingly slowly - pressed against him, into him... Gritting his teeth, Nny pushed back , panting. "Mm... I'm yours," he whispered.

"All mine," he affirmed, gasping a little. "-All- mine..."

"Always yours."

"And making me want you..." Teatime sped up, tiny pants and moans escaping from him. "Such an awful lot..."

"You have me." Nny pressed the palms of his hands against the wall, thrusting back toward Teatime. "Feels good when you want me. Feels even better when you fuck me."

"Feels -wonderful- to fuck you... ahh..."

With a lustful growl, Nny sprang into motion, arching and writhing and bucking, slamming against Teatime. "Do it... do it harder, I want to hear you cry out, want to hear you come..."

A strangled cry; Teatime readjusted his grip on Nny's hips, stopping himself from controlling his movements. "Harder... gods, yes..." He could feel the sensation building in the base of his cock as he moved, eyes shut tightly. "So good - so good, Nny, you're so good..."

"For you. Only for you." He tipped his head back, craning his neck to catch Teatime's mouth in a rough kiss.

He didn't bother to reply, sucking hard on Nny's tongue and moaning, moaning... Nny's answering moans vanished into Teatime's mouth as he squirmed, wordlessly urging him on. With a sudden, almost violent movement, Teatime reached around and grabbed at Nny's cock, grasping and pumping -hard-.

Yelping, Nny rocked into his hand, startled into a sudden climax. "Te... ah!"

"Good... good boy, Nny..." Teatime's voice sounded high and tinny in his own ears, rocking and slipping closer and closer...

"Your good boy," Nny whispered, feeling boneless and briefly content. "Only yours." It took another few moments for Teatime to reach his own climax; he slumped against Nny with a cry, panting breathlessly. Turning slowly, Nny gathered Teatime into his arms, nuzzling his cheek. "Only yours," he repeated softly.

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